Prince Covering Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love Is The Video You Need To Watch In The Coronavirus Pandemic

When people think about Prince, usually tunes like Purple Rain and Kiss concerned my mind. Some might not even understand that Prince was a prodigy who had actually mastered several instruments and though he is understood for his cool, groovy emotional tunes, he did not turn away from rock classics. Prince jammed on the guitar and lots of think he was merely among the very best guitar players who ever lived. When Prince struck the music scene in the late 70 s, there was still a great deal of racial division within the music market. To be a frontrunner in the rock category, Prince would have needed to have actually billed himself as the next Jimi Hendrix and remarkably, though he picked another path and musical category, there are still lots of who make the contrast. Prince wasn’t a fan of being compared to Hendrix and stated that his guitar design was totally various– however possibly that is what made him most comparable to Hendrix of all the contrasts. Both Prince and Hendrix were trendsetters who did their own thing and didn’t subjectify their music to other individuals’s expectations or labels.

Still, when it concerns Prince’s music, there are a great deal of rock-and-roll fans who love to hear Prince contact his rock roots and when he did, magic occurred.

He never ever copied another person’s musical design– rather, he added his cool spin to rock classics and the results were remarkable.

Recently, the official Prince YouTube account submitted a video from December 15, 2002, when Prince covered Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” while carrying out live at Las Vegas’ The Aladdin.

You might see that video below. A

Numerous years later on, Prince blew the minds’ of audience members worldwide with his 2004 Rock-and-roll Hall of Popularity guitar solo throughout the Beatles’ timeless song “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.”

He carried out with the Taking a trip Wilburys former members Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne (ELO), Steve Winwood, and George Harrison’s kid, Dhani Harrison.

You might see that efficiency consisting of Prince’s guitar solo below.

What do you think of the contrasts in between Prince and Jimi Hendrix? Do you disagree or concur with those who make them?


What are your ideas about Prince’s Led Zeppelin cover of “Whole Lotta Love?”

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