Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Update 1.20

A new update for Diablo IV, known as Update 1.045, has recently been released. This update is accessible across all gaming platforms, as well as on PC. Players can now download this update, which introduces bug fixes, improvement updates, and patch notes for the game. It is worth noting that the file size of this update may differ depending on the gaming platform being used.


Speedrun Mode

  • Introducing the much-anticipated Speedrun mode for players who thrive on the challenge of completing the game as quickly as possible. Test your skills and set new records in this exhilarating mode.

Permadeath Mode

  • For those seeking the ultimate test of skill and strategy, face the game with only one life. Any mistake could be your last, making every decision crucial.

Fariba’s Treasure Maps

  • Uncover hidden secrets throughout the game world with the addition of Fariba’s Treasure Maps. This feature adds new layers of exploration and adventure, providing both new challenges and rewards.


  • For more in-depth information about these features, please refer to the full article on the new features, available [here](LINK).


Support for 120Hz on Xbox Series S

  • Enjoy a smoother and more responsive gaming experience with the introduction of 120Hz support for Xbox Series S users. This enhancement provides a significant improvement in visual fluidity and game responsiveness.


New Omnidirectional Parry Option

  • A new omnidirectional parry option has been added, making it easier to defend against attacks from multiple directions, enhancing both accessibility and gameplay depth.

New “No HUD” Option

  • Immerse yourself completely in the game world with the new “No HUD” option, removing all on-screen displays for a cleaner and more cinematic experience.

Extended Custom Difficulty Parameters

  • Parry Difficulty: Now includes a “Very Easy” setting for players who seek a less challenging experience.
  • Enemy Damage and Health:** The ranges for these parameters have been widened, allowing more granular control over the game’s difficulty.
  • Auto Athra Refill’ Option:** Automatically refill your Athra bar, streamlining your experience and letting you focus on the action.


Addressed Issues:

  • Missing Rewards: Resolved instances where Time Crystals could be missing as rewards alongside Haoma fragments.
  • Gravity Wings: Fixed occasional issues where the Gravity Wings reward would not appear after completing the first Constellation.
  • Giant Crab Damage: Corrected the issue where the Giant Crab would sometimes not take damage.
  • Mystery Chests: Fixed instances in Lower City and Sacred Archives where Mystery Chests would disappear or not appear after certain events.
  • Lore Items: Addressed the disappearance of a lore item in Sunken Harbor if not picked up before changing areas.
  • Side Quest Trigger Issues:** Resolved issues with “The Prophecy of Mount Qaf” side quest not triggering due to specific actions taken before hitting the first sand jar.


Lower City Door Issue

  • Fixed a specific door after the Water puzzle in Lower City that could remain closed when changing rooms quickly.

Infinite Tunnel Entry

  • Resolved an issue where it was sometimes impossible to enter the Infinite Tunnel on the far left outside of Mount Qaf.

Lever Platform in Depths

  • Fixed a bug where a lever platform in the Depths could be broken under certain circumstances.


Hyrcanian Forest FPS Drops

  • Addressed frame rate drops below 50 FPS in some areas of the Hyrcanian Forest to ensure a smoother gameplay experience.


Revisiting Bosses with Enhanced Powers

  • Challenge bosses you’ve already defeated, but now with your current Simurgh powers.

Gradual Unlocking Mechanism

  • Each boss becomes available in the Boss Revenge menu once defeated in the main game. You will face each boss with preset Life, Weapon Upgrades, and Time Powers, while having access to all current Athra Surges and Amulets at your disposal.

Difficulty Customization

  • Select from multiple difficulty levels: Rookie, Warrior, Hero, Immortal, or No Hit. This customization is independent of your current game difficulty setting.

Achievement and Record Tracking

  • A seal is displayed upon defeating a boss at set difficulties, with different levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold) depending on your time. Push your limits to beat your own records.


Ultimate Endgame Challenge

  • Engage in the Boss Rush mode, where you must defeat all main bosses in a continuous sequence.

Gradual Unlocking and Resource Management

  • This mode unlocks after completing the main story. You will carry over your Life, Amulets, Time Powers, Weapon Upgrades, and Athra surges.
  • Plan wisely, as the resources you start with are carried from one battle to the next. Adjust your Amulets and Athra Surges loadout strategically between fights to maintain a balanced and fair experience.

Difficulty Settings and Rewards

  • Choose from difficulty levels: Rookie, Warrior, Hero, Immortal, or No Hit, independent of the main game’s difficulty.
  • Successfully completing the Boss Rush unlocks new outfits and seals that signify your achievement, with higher difficulty settings yielding more prestigious rewards. There might even be a secret seal for the most dedicated players!


Nostalgic Skins

  • In response to player feedback, we’ve added a new outfit inspired by the classic Sands of Time. Additionally, players can unlock a new outfit for completing the Boss Rush mode for the first time, and another exclusive outfit for conquering the Boss Rush in “No Hit” difficulty.


Wak-Wak Trees Fast Travel

– Travel instantly between Wak-Wak trees without needing to use Fast Travel Altars. This convenient ability can be purchased at the Magi Emporium in the Haven after obtaining the Fabric of Time power.

High Contrast Mode Accessibility Improvement

  • Enhanced readability of enemy attacks with improvements in distinguishing yellow versus red enemy attacks, making combat cues clearer for all players.

We hope these updates enhance your experience in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. Dive into these new features, challenges, and improvements, and continue to explore, strategize, and conquer.

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