Prince William opens up to family life, says Prince George and Princess Charlotte are already interested in philanthropy

Prince William and Kate Middleton recently appeared with baking expert Mary Berry on the BBC’s A Berry Royal Christmas special, and the couple shared behind the scenes details of their family life with Prince George, 6 years old, Princess Charlotte 4 years old and Prince Louis. , 20 months.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were on the show to help prepare a holiday party for some of the charities and organizations under their patronage, and Prince William revealed that he had already started teaching Prince George and Princess Charlotte family philanthropy.

Prince William said that when he drove his two older children to school, they noticed the homeless on the streets and started asking questions.

“On the school route – I know it seems a bit contrite – but on the school route already, keep in mind 6 and 4, whenever we see someone sleeping on the street, I talk about it and I report it and I explain, ”said William.

The boss of Centrepoint, a charitable organization for the homeless, added that his children are very interested and they ask him: “Why can’t they go home?”

The future future king of England, 37, said his late mother, Princess Diana, introduced him and Prince Harry to charity work at a young age, and made sure that his sons knew of less fortunate people.

Prince William told Berry when he visited the charity for the homeless The Passage on the BBC special, he was about eight or ten years old when his mother first took him away times to a charity for the homeless, and the visit “had a profound impact” on the young royal.

“My mother knew what she was doing with it. She realized that it was very important when you were growing up – especially in the life we ​​grew up – that you realized that life is happening beyond the walls of the palace and that you see real people grappling with real ones. problems, “said Prince William.

Kate Middleton also shared her favorite moments with her kids, and she revealed that one thing she enjoys doing with them is cooking at home. Middleton said one of Prince Louis’ first words was “Mary” after seeing one of Berry’s cookbooks, and they were excited when they managed to make his pizza dough.

Middleton said that “it worked, and they loved it.” And, the Duchess of Cambridge added that she wanted her children to know how to cook so that they could be “as independent as possible”.

Kate Middleton also played on Prince William’s game when he courted her. She said that her husband could cook and that he was “very good at breakfast”. She added that at the time of college, he cooked all kinds of meals for her.


“I think that’s when he was trying to impress me, Mary,” said Middleton.

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