Princess Diana film Spencer reviews ‘Meghan Markle will love Oscar-worthy Kristen Stewart’

The Venice International Film Festival is currently taking place and today the first reviews for Princess Diana movie Spencer have arrived. Kristen Stewart stars as the late Royal in a biopic set during Christmas at Sandringham in 1991, when Lady Di decided to divorce Prince Charles. Critics have praised Pablo Larraín’s Spencer, with one claiming that Meghan Markle will love it.

The Telegraph’s Robbie Collin summed up his five star review, tweeting: “Happy to say I ascended into the ionosphere during Pablo Larraín’s completely mad, sad and beautiful Spencer.

“Categorically not The Queen, but Kristen Stewart is Oscar-deservingly great – and Meghan Markle’s going to love it.”

“Kristin Stewart is masterful as Diana in this thrillingly gutsy, seductive film.”

While The Guardian’s five star review was headlined: “Diana’s disastrous marriage makes a magnificent farce.”

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Princess Diana film Spencer reviews ‘Meghan Markle will love Oscar-worthy Kristen Stewart’

Princess Diana film Spencer reviews ‘Meghan Markle will love Oscar-worthy Kristen Stewart’ (Image: NEON)

stewart as diana

Kristen Stewart plays Princess Diana (Image: NEON)


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The Hollywood Reporter assessed: “Not everything lands in Spencer, and I often wondered if the film was so set on bucking convention that it would alienate its audience.

“But it tells a sorrowful story we all think we know in a new and genuinely disturbing light — of a tortured woman trapped under glass and in a state of alarm, fumbling for her emancipation and, like Anne Boleyn, trying to keep her head.”

While Variety compared Spencer to the director’s Jackie, which followed Natalie Portman’s Oscar-nominated role as Jackie Kennedy in the week after JFK’s assassination.

The outlet wrote: “I thought Jackie was a knockout, and Spencer, which also finds its heroine living through a fateful moment of truth and transition, is every bit as good; it may be even better.”

kristen stewart

Kristen Stewart at the Venice Film Festival (Image: GETTY)

spencer poster

Spencer poster (Image: NEON)

Another critic who saw the first screening at Venice tweeted: “I absolutely was floored by Spencer, Kristen Stewart delivers her own Diana perfectly and gives a touching performance.

“She and Pablo Larraín convinced me, and I can’t wait to watch it again.”

While one also in attendance wrote: “Give Kristen Stewart all of the flowers in the Cotswolds for her high-camp Diana: a theatrical, sublime spectacle, packed with coy head tilts and eyelash flutters.

“Yet so engorged with pathos. The film? An avant-garde, formally audacious feast. Yep.”

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But not everyone was a fan, with The Times awarding Spencer just two stars.

The paper wrote: “The Princess Diana story is given an art house makeover in this infuriating mixed bag.

“One that veers wildly from moments of dreamy intrigue to risible scenes of camp.”

Spencer is released in US cinemas on November 5, while a UK release date is yet to be announced.

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