Princess Diana Spencer star Kristen Stewart blames ‘British stiff upper lip’ for Di’s pain

The new movie from director Pablo Larraín is creating enormous buzz at the Venice Film Festival but Stewart has had to defend the filmmakers’ intentions. She praised the princess’ unique and special talents but also spoke of her “pain” in a lengthy speech to the gathered press. The actress said: “I think that she was just desperate to reveal some truth in an environment that is steeped in the energy of… as an outsider, I can say the Brits generally have the stiff-upper-lip mentality, that is the go-to generalisation.” It comes hot on the heels of the movie’s composer, Radiohead’s Johhny Greenwood, describing the “sinister and oppressive” atmosphere of the film, which he says is “like a horror movie.” 

The film is set during the royal family’s Christmas retreat at Sandringham in 1991, portraying it as the pivotal moment when Diana decided to walk away from her marriage and The Firm as she says: “There’s no hope for me, not with them.”

Greenwood said his score: “needed to describe that situation and describe the oppression she feels in this three days she is in this palace in Sandringham. It’s a bit like a horror film in a way. There are all these sinister servants loitering under stairs and there is this feeling of paranoia and oppression. The music was meant to enhance that… There wasn’t much freedom in her life I think.

“It’s not The Crown. There’s lots of claustrophobic handheld camera action following her around and you feel straightaway that this is not as easy a viewing experience as something like The Crown.”

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Princess Diana Spencer star Kristen Stewart blames ‘British stiff upper lip’ for Di’s pain

Princess Diana film star Kristen Stewart (Image: FS/GETTY)

Stewart defended this approach, telling the gathered press at Venice: “There’s nothing salacious about our intention. The movie doesn’t offer any new information. It doesn’t profess to know anything. It imagines a feeling.
“I think my impression can only be my own. But Diana was a woman who wanted people to come together and I think that this movie’s ambition is to bridge gaps. I think if anyone ever made a movie about me, I wouldn’t feel like it was … I wouldn’t feel stolen from or taken from. There’s nothing salacious about our intention, I think that would be probably more embedded in interpretation.”
She went on to talk about Diana’s special “light” and why she “suffered so much” pain in her personal life.
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Princess Diana with the royal family at the 1990 Sandringham Christmas service

Princess Diana with the royal family at the 1990 Sandringham Christmas service (Image: GETTY)


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Stewart explained why Diana had such an extraordinary impact on people in her life and afterwards: “I think it’s just something she was born with. There are some people that are endowed with undeniable penetrating energy.

“I think the really sad thing about her is that as normal and sort of casual and disarming her air is immediately, she also felt so isolated and so lonely, when she made everyone else feel accompanied and bolstered by this beautiful sort of light.

“And all she wanted was to just have it back.”

Princess Diana film star Kristen Stewart

Princess Diana film star Kristen Stewart (Image: FS )

Stewart added: “I think that for her, I look at pictures of her, even just a fleeting little video clip, and I feel like the ground shakes and you don’t know what’s going to happen.

“I think the idea of somebody being so desperate for connection and somebody who’s able to make other people feel so good, feeling so bad on the inside, and being so generous with her energy.

“I just think that we haven’t had very many of those people throughout history. She really sticks out as a sparkly house on fire.”


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