Prison supervisor broke her nose.. Yemeni artist kidnapped for facade

The Houthi militia continues to attack civilians and artists in Yemen and continues its violations against them, kidnapping, intimidation and torture.

The artist and model kidnapped by the Houthis since last year, Intisar Al-Hammadi, is back in the limelight again, with which the country was in ferment.

Yemeni human rights sources revealed that Al-Hammadi was subjected to violence and beatings by the Houthi terrorist militia in Sana’a’s central prison.

appeal to international organizations

The head of the Human Rights Defense Organization, Huda al-Sarari, also reported that the prison supervisor in where he is, he broke his nose.

Al-Sarari invited the international organizations present in Sana’a to visit the artist and verify his humanitarian situation in prison.

While he confirmed, citing human rights sources, that many of the victims committed suicide after being subjected to violence by a female guard.

Sign blindfolded

Interestingly, 20-year-old Intisar Al-Hammadi was arrested as she and two of her colleagues and a friend went to a photo shoot on February 20, 2021.

In November 2021, a lower court controlled by the Houthi militia ruled that Al-Hammadi and one of her female companions were jailed for 5 years, and another for 3 years, from the date of their arrests.

In May 2021, Amnesty International reported that Al-Hammadi was forced to confess to several crimes, including “drug possession and prostitution”.

He also revealed that the Houthis forced the artist to “sign a document while she was blindfolded during interrogation. They offered to release her if she would help them ensnare their enemies with sex and drugs,” noting that the prison guards” they verbally abused her.”

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