Prisoner fell asleep .. New escape of Palestinian prisoners

Investigations are still on in course in Israel after 6 prisoners managed to escape from Gilboa prison, where senior officials were summoned for interrogation.

New information circulated in the Israeli press revealed the jailer who was in the watchtower at the time of the escape of Palestinian prisoners at dawn on Monday.

The manager said he was staying in atop the tunnel opening at the guard post admitted she was sleepy in the moment in from which the prisoners fled.

Investigations with senior officials

Israeli authorities investigated with senior officials after a thorough investigation with more than 14 guards working in the same prison, where the Israeli Investigation Unit suspects the involvement of two guards in helping Palestinian prisoners escape.

In parallel, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club revealed that Israeli forces have launched an arrest campaign for the relatives of the six prisoners.

Prisoner fell asleep .. New escape of Palestinian prisoners

Gilboa Prison (AFP)

3 Palestinians arrested

And the 12th Hebrew Channel reported Tuesday night that Israeli police had arrested 3 Palestinian suspects in a village in northern Israel, who were not escaped prisoners, but appeared to assist them in the process of escaping from the Israeli prison.

Interestingly, six Palestinian prisoners managed to escape from Gilboa prison, adjacent to the city of Bisan, at dawn on Monday, through a tunnel they dug.

Gilboa Prison (AFP)

Gilboa Prison (AFP)

The length of the tunnel they dug was tens of meters and the tunnel hole was discovered a few meters outside the prison walls.

It is estimated that all six prisoners are from Jenin and may have managed to enter the northern West Bank.

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