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Priyanka Chopra raises £ 230,000 for Relief from Covid-19


Priyanka Chopra actively encouraged people around the world at support India in son fight against Covid19.

Now she raised more to £ 230,000 for GiveIndia to help with Relief from Covid-19.

GiveIndia ensures that citizens across the country access at basic medical institutions.

Chopra raised money and make known for the cause, including asking for a donation from President Joe Biden.

Most recently, the actress shared a heartbreaking video of Indian citizens struggling with the virus.

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Chopra shared the video on Twitter on Sunday May 2, 2021, in an attempt to show her fans and followers how severely Covid-19 affects India.

The video contains visuals of Indians struggling breathe, while the patients are seeking for oxygen and hospital beds.

The video also shows the shortage of supplies and desperation of the personnel medical.

She captioned the video:

“The battle to stop the devastating effects of Covid-19 in India continues unabated. Your contributions to @GiveIndia will make a huge tangible difference!

“Your contributions will save lives.”

Priyanka Chopra’s video has gone viral since its release, and she plea for people donate raised thousands of pound sterling for GiveIndia.

Chopra followers also congratulated her for using its situational awareness platform in her home country.

One user commented:

“Thank you for constantly using your voice and platform for share and talk about the important issues affecting India.

“Your kind heart and generosity are such an inspiration. #TogetherForIndia #TogetherWeCan. “

The video posted by Priyanka Chopra is part of a fundraiser that she set up with GiveIndia.

Fundraising, announced on Thursday April 29, 2021, a already received international support.

Announcing his fundraiser on Instagram, Chopra informed people of The Covid-19 crisis in India and urged people at show their support. She said:

“I have set up fundraising with GiveIndia, the most grand organization on floor in India is providing relief to Covid.

“Anything you can spare really makes a difference. Nearly 63 millions people follow me on here, even though 100,000 of you give $ 10, it’s $ 1 million, and it’s huge.

“Your donation will go directly physical health infrastructure (including Covid care centers, isolation oxygen production centers and plants), medical equipment and vaccine support and mobilization.

“Please donate. Nick and me already have and will continue to contribute.

“We have all seen how far, this virus can spread, an ocean between us it doesn’t make any difference. “

“No one is safe unless everyone is safe. It’s so heartwarming to see so much people walk up at help in so many ways.

“We need to defeat this virus, and to do so, ALL of us. The bottom of my heart THANK YOU! “

Donations to Priyanka Chopra’s Fundraiser for GiveIndia keeps coming in.

Find out how you can help supply india with Relief from Covid-19, click here.

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