Pro-Putin party wins majority in Russian elections despite declining support | Russia

Russia’s Ruling United Russia party, die President Vladimir Putin backs, kept his majority in parliament after a three-day election and a drastic repression on to be critics, despite the loss around one fifth of to be support, partially results on Monday turned out.

met 33% of ballots counted, said the United Central Election Commission Russia had won just over 45% of the vote, with its closest rival, the communist party, around 22%.

Although that amounts to an emphatic win, it would be a weaker one performance for United Russia then the last time parliamentary elections were held in 2016, when the party won just over 54% of the vote.

AN malaise over year of faltering standard of living and accusations of corruption of imprisoned Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny tapped some support, and a tactical mood campaign organized by Navalny’s allies appears to have caused further damage.

Kremlin critics said the vote used to be in in in any case a sham and that United Russia would have fared much worse in a fair game, given a pre-election crackdown that banned Navalny’s movement, stopped his allies from running and targeted critical media and non-governmental organizations.

The result it seems unlikely that the political landscape will change, with putin, who has been in power as chairman of prime minister since 1999, still dominant of the next presidential elections in 2024. Putin has yet to say of he will do that run.

the 68-year-old leader remains a popular figure with many Russians who credit him with standing up to the west and recover national pride.

Partially results showed the communist party finish in second place, followed by the nationalist LDPR party with about 9%. Usually both parties back the Kremlin on key issues.

At a celebratory gathering at United Russia headquarters broadcast on state television, the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, a close ally of the Russian leader shouted: “Putin! Putin! Putin!” to a met flag waving crowd die his singing echoed.

Pro-Putin party wins majority in Russian elections despite declining support |  Russia
mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin addresses supporters of the United Russia party. Photo: Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images

allies of navy, who serves a jail sentence for he denies parole violations, had encouraged tactical voting against United Russia, a settlement die came down to: supporting the candidate die most likely will beat in a particular constituency.

In many cases they had advised people to keep their noses shut and vote communist. Authorities had tried to block the initiative online.

The election commission was slow met disclosing data from online vote in Moscow, where United Russia traditionally doesn’t do so well in other regions. Pro-Kremlin candidates were: leading in the majority of the city’s 15 districts for the online votes were counted.

Golos, an election watchdog accused of as a foreign agent by the authorities, said it had registered thousands of violations, including threats against observers and ballot filling, blatant examples of die circulated on social media, with some individuals captured on camera deposit bundles of ballot papers in urns.

The Central Election Commission said it had registered 12 cases of voice filling in eight regions and that the results by die polling stations will be abolished.

The Kremlin denies a politically driven crackdown and says individuals are being prosecuted for break the law. Both it and the United Russia denied any role in the registration process for candidates.

“One day we will live in a Russia where it will be possible until vote for good candidates with different political platforms,” wrote Navalny ally Leonid Volkov on Telegram messenger before polling stations are closed on Sunday.

A retiree from Moscow who only gave his name as Anatoly said he voted for United Russia because he was proud of Putin’s Efforts to Restore What He Sees as Russia’s Rightful great power status.

“To land like the United States and Great Britain more of less respect us now like they respected the Soviet Union in the 60s and 70s. The Anglo-Saxons understand only the language of force,” he said.

There was also widespread apathy, with official figures show a turnout of around 47%.

“I don’t see the point” in vote,” said one Moscow hairdresser who gave her name as Irina. “It’s all decided for us anyway.”

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