Problemista: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot and Everything We Know So Far

For those following the popular show Los Espookys on HBO, there’s some exciting news to look forward to! The show’s co-creator, Julio Torres, is set to release a new movie in August titled Problemista. You’re in the right place if you’re curious about this upcoming film.

We’ve got all the details you need about Problemista right here.

Who is in the Problemista Cast?

  • Julio Torres as Alejandro
  • Tilda Swinton as Elizabeth
  • RZA as Bobby
  • Isabella Rossellini as Narrator
  • Catalina Saavedra as Dolores
  • James Scully as Bingham
  • Laith Nakli as Khalil
  • Spike Einbinder as Spray
  • Logan J. Alarcon-Poucel as Young Alejandro
  • Eudora Peterson as FreezeCorp Receptionist
  • Ronald Peet as Apple Customer Service Rep

When is the Problemista Release Date?

The movie “Problemista” was first shown at SXSW on March 13, 2023, and received high praise from critics. Fortunately, for those who missed it at SXSW, it will be released in US theaters on August 4, 2023. The movie has a runtime of just over an hour and a half, a refreshing change from the longer movies that have been more common lately.

Is There a Trailer for Problemista?

The trailer for Problemista was released on YouTube on May 24th. The trailer features Isabella Rossellini’s narration and is set to a Spanish version of Frank Sinatra’s famous song “New York, New York.” The movie’s dream logic is showcased in the trailer, where people disappear after losing an immigration appeal, and giant hourglasses indicate the time left for Alejandro to obtain his Visa. Alejandro, the protagonist, climbs through boxes in an art exhibit while trying to navigate the Kafkaesque maze of the US immigration system. Unfortunately, Alejandro cannot work for money until he receives his work Visa, which he needs to acquire. The trailer effectively captures the essence of surrealism and how it relates to the complexities of the US immigration system.

What is Problemista Plot?

The movie, Problemist, is about Alejandro (played by Julio Torres), a toy designer from El Salvador who moves to New York City to pursue his dreams. He works for an eccentric artistic outcast (played by Tilda Swinton), hoping she will support his visa application. The movie promises to take viewers on a surreal adventure through the challenging worlds of New York City and the U.S. Immigration system.

Who Is Making Problemista?

The film Problemista is a creation of Torres, who stars in it and wrote, directed, and produced it. Torres has previously worked on popular shows like The Tonight Show, The Chris Gethard Show, and Saturday Night Live and collaborated with Fred Armisen and Ana Fabrega on Los Espookys. His distinct and unconventional perspective is evident throughout his work, including his comedy special My Favorite Shapes and sketches like “Wells for Boys” on Saturday Night Live.

Emma Stone, Ali Herting, and Dave McCary also contributed to the making of Problemista, and A24 is handling its distribution. The movie appears to be a suitable addition to A24’s portfolio, considering their recent release of the surreal comedy Everything, Everywhere, All At Once, which won the Best Picture award at the Oscars.

Will Problemista Be in Theaters or Streaming?

It is expected that Problemista will be available on various streaming services in the future, but the specific platforms have yet to be announced. However, we will watch for any updates on this matter. Like other A24 films, Problemista will likely be released on DVD and Blu-ray, although no release date has been confirmed yet. The film can now be viewed in theaters starting in early August. We are excited to witness how Julio Torres incorporates magical realism and comedy to shed light on the injustices and Catch-22s of the US immigration system, highlighting the impossible situations many people find themselves in. Problemist is a must-see movie.

Who is Julio Torres?

Torres is from El Salvador, but he studied in the US and hoped to continue living there after graduation. He discovered his passion for entertainment and joined the writing team for Saturday Night Live in 2016. During his time there, he received four Emmy nominations and created his most notable project, Los Espookys. Problemist is his directorial debut.

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