Profits Skyrocket by 63% to 132 Million Riyals Thanks to the ‘Perfect Presentation’

The net income of the Perfect Presentation Company for Commercial Services increased by 63.06% in 2022, to about 131.5 million riyals, after zakat and taxes, compared to about 80.62 million riyals in 2021.

And the “perfect offer” he said in a statement on “Tadawul Saudi Arabia” today, Monday, that the increase in profits in 2022, year on year, is due to the increase in revenues of 41.5% to 927.2 million riyals, as the momentum of growth continued in all lines of business of the company at the customer level experienceoperation and maintenance and development software.

The volume of projects in course of implementation has reached levels record of 1.73 billion riyals in fiscal 2022, a notable 55% year-on-year increase.

Furthermore, during the year 2022, the company has signed several strategic partnership agreements to accelerate its goals of strengthening its position in the market, increasing products and services and focusing on innovation.

Gross profit increased significantly by 55.5% in fiscal 2022 to 180.4 million riyals, mainly driven by revenue improvement. This resulted in a gross profit margin of 19.5%, up from 17.7% in fiscal 2021.

Operating profit increased 60.1% to 138.1 million riyals in fiscal 2022, largely outpacing the 34% increase in selling and general and administrative expenses, in line with the increase in sales activity during the year 2022.

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