Project Q: A First Look at the Android-Based PlayStation Streaming Laptop


Very discreet since son announced last May, the “Project Q” finally did not wait for the green light from Sony to reveal itself more… This weekend, the Twitter user “@Zuby_Tech” published one of the machine laptop 100% dedicated to streaming! In this one, on can see a brief overview of the Android-based interface (probably still in the prototype state), of the touch screen, as well as the buttons of the DualSense, here cut in two to leave place to an eight-inch LCD screen. Unfortunately, @Zuby_Tech doesn’t show the device in action, running a PS5 game. One also features the innards of the beast – but that doesn’t tell us grand thing.

Project Q features:

Choice of Android, surprise?

In any case, this is the first time that the console appears like this, the screen on… As , the choice of Android has here “nothing surprising”: “It is an open source system, at the origin of many projects in a variety of fields”, writes the specialized site, which notes that the operation will also allow Sony to “reduce costs”! Of son aside, reckons Project Q will use an ARM SoC processor with “enough power to receive a streamed game stream.” A common architecture mobile which is the “most suitable for Android”, says Frandroid.

In short, according to the specialized press, nothing alarming here! But the players seem to be of a different opinion. “It hasair really bad, nobody will buy that” writes for example a user, under one of the posts of @Zuby_Tech. “It’s a big mistake for PlayStation, a tablet to play PS5 games but it’s also necessary to have a PS5” says someone else… “Why not just make a PS Vita 2 to play PS5 games? I’m sorry but this project is going to fail”.

Project Q, what theon knows

To dispel your worries, it’s good to remember what Project Q really is! As mentioned earlier, it is first of all a machine laptop 100% dedicated to streaming. In other words, unlike the Switch or the Steam Deck, the PlayStation device will not run games “natively” and it will be necessary to have a good internet connection at all times – 15 megabits per second preferably. Same condition for your PS5 at home. Yes, Project Q is based on Sony technology, already available on PC, Mac, iOS and Android. All this allows you to play distance on a title already installed on your PlayStation… For the moment therefore, the console is not supposed to launch software available for streaming on the PS Plus (which will no doubt change in the future).

Because yes, with streaming features that will soon take more place on the PS Plus, on imagine that Project Q will eventually become the ambassador of playing games in distance from Sony. But maybeon expect a standalone object, which would sooner or later allow streaming without going through a PS5, like Microsoft’s xCloud? Nothing is less sure. Since the presentation of Project Q, PlayStation calls the product “” – no console – and therefore as a complementary accessory to the machine of living room. Above all, sales of the PS5 are doing well (at the latest news), too well for another in-house product to disrupt this pretty trend.

What place at Sony?

So what will be the role of Project Q on Sony’s strategy? The question quickly comes to mind, players are already asking themselves: “Buy a tablet, connect a controller, download Remote Play, you will literally have the same experience (as on the new console portable, note)”, writes for example a user under the publication of @Zuby_Tech. A remark that is all the more relevant after the release of the a PlayStation licensed controller 100% dedicated to mobile ! At finalProject Q will first be able to rely on son screen (LCD, Full HD-60 frames per second) and its DualSense, which has the same advantages as on PS5: haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

Details that can make the difference, when on knows that Remote Play works anywhere in the world, as long as the console living room stayed at home and the machine nomad enjoy a nice internet connection. In the end, it’s probably the price of the device that will prove Sony right (or not), not to mention the autonomy, estimated by Phonandroid! As of today, Project Q is still scheduled for 2023. Obviously, we should hear about it soon.

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