Protests continue, Iran continues repression and criticizes the declaration of the “Seven”

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has announced its rejection of the declaration of the main countries of the “Group of Seven” in about the riots in Iran and Tehran’s participation in the Ukrainian crisis. The declaration on the Islamic Republic and its rejection “, underlining that” this constitutes an interference in the internal affairs of Iran “.

Iranian forces announced that they had arrested “whoever they called an agent”, a collaborator who worked with the opposition television station Iran International while fleeing the country, according to the Fars agency, and accused him of carrying out many activities and actions “to discredit the country and incite young people to revolt and sow terror among the people ”.

This came after Iranian intelligence minister Ismail Khatib on Tuesday described the London-based channel as a “terrorist” organization, and this arrest added to the systematic crackdown on journalists in recent times, al in order to prevent the dissemination of images of demonstrations and renewed calls to go in mosque The street, inside and out.