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Protests in Italy against rising energy prices

In Italy today, Tuesday, there are protests against rising energy prices in the country, which hit the pocket of an ordinary citizen and the industrial sector, which is suffering from rising energy prices, especially gas.

The Novosti agency reports that trade unions and company executives took to the streets of the Italian city of Palermo to protest against high prices for gas and electricity.

Workers and employers came together to draw the attention of the Italian government to the fact that many companies are on the verge of bankruptcy, some of which have already closed, and the demonstration began from Palermo’s Croce Square and ended at Verdi’s Square.

Inflation accelerated in Italy in October 2022 to reach 11.9 percent, according to official Italian data, with the index recording its highest level in nearly 38 years.

The increase in the inflation index is mainly due to rising energy prices. According to the data, energy prices rose 73.2% year on year last month after rising 44.5% in September last year, while food prices rose in the same month. (October 2022) by 13.1%.

Source: RIA Novosti


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