Protests in Kabul over Iran’s mistreatment of Afghan refugees

After the killing of a cleric in the Iranian city of Mashhad by an Afghan last week, the tension between the Afghan refugees and the Iranian government has increased. in meaningfully.

It seems that the common language and origins did not satisfy the Afghan refugees who fled their country to neighboring Iran, as the videos showed that they were beaten and insulted. in more than one occasion, which prompted them to demonstrate in front of the Iranian embassy in Kabul.

Dozens of Kabul residents demonstrated in front of the Tehran embassy in Afghanistan to protest against the beatings and harassment of Afghan immigrants in recent days after the killing of the cleric.

“Turn them off without delay.”

On an official level, Iranian member of parliament Mahmoud Ahmadi Bigash has called for the expulsion of all Afghans after the incident without delay and before it is too late, according to the Iranian newspaper “Ekhteb”.

In turn, Nazir Ahmed told Deutsche Welle, an immigrant in Iran after the fall of the previous Afghan government and the takeover of power by the Taliban, that he himself witnessed various types of ill-treatment by the Iranian government after the recent incident in the shrine of Imam Reza in Mashhad.

The Afghan immigrant added that “crime is a personal affair and criminal acts occur in most countries, but not all Afghans should be punished”.


It also revealed the arrest of a number of Afghans and their transfer to camps and their mistreatment, in inhumane conditions of detention.

In recent days they have spread about social media several videos showing Iranian soldiers and citizens torturing and humiliating Afghan refugees.

It is noteworthy that the abuse of Afghan refugees and migrants in Iran is not a new issue, as it has been repeatedly criticized by human rights activists.

Iran has hosted millions of Afghan refugees for decades, as the Iranian foreign minister recently said his country is home to five million Afghan refugees.

Abuses against Afghan refugees are in increase in one moment in which there is no internationally recognized Afghan government, with many of these refugees in leak in Iran, which shares language and origins with most Afghans, for fear of the Taliban and the current economic crisis.

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