Protests in Kerala, India, and dozens of wounded

Police in the Indian state of Kerala said dozens were injured in clashes with protesters demanding the release of a person who was arrested during a demonstration against a $900 million port development project in the state. Protesters, who are mostly fishermen, say the project is responsible for coastal erosion. Authorities said protesters stormed a police station, took hostages and threatened to burn it down.

The growing protests are a major concern for Adani’s $23 billion port and logistics business. The port’s location at the southern tip of India is vital for picking up operations from the ports of Dubai, Singapore and Sri Lanka.

Construction work in Visingham Harbor has been halted for more than three months after protesters, mostly fishermen, blocked the entrance, blaming the project on coastal erosion and depriving their livelihoods.

Over the weekend, protesters prevented construction vehicles from Adani from entering the port despite a court order to resume work, and authorities arrested many.

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