Proton Launches End-to-End Encrypted Cloud Storage Service for Desktop

Proton Drive Launches Desktop App, Expanding End-to-End Encrypted Cloud Storage Service

Proton, the Swiss company behind various privacy-focused online services, has brought its end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) cloud storage service to desktop for the first time.

Following an extended beta testing phase, Proton Drive is available on Windows from today, with the Mac incarnation expected to hit beta testing “soon.”


Proton Drive, founded in 2014, has expanded beyond its initial offering of encrypted email service (Proton Mail). Today, the company also provides its own VPN, password manager, and calendar apps. Last September, Proton launched a web-based cloud storage service, followed by its mobile counterparts a few months later.

Proton Drive offers a “zero-knowledge” encrypted cloud storage and file-sharing service, ensuring that only the sender and recipient can access shared data. This sets Proton Drive apart from competitors such as Google Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive. Dropbox, however, is planning to offer a similar feature to paid business subscribers after acquiring assets from startup Boxcryptor.

Proton Drive Subscription Options

Proton Drive is initially available for free with 1GB of cloud storage. Users can upgrade to the Proton Unlimited plan for $9.99 per month, unlocking 500GB of encrypted storage and premium versions of other Proton services. There is also a standalone Proton Drive subscription costing $3.99 per month, providing 200GB of storage.

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