Prue Leith’s Racy Sex Life Revealed by Husband’s Plea for ‘Reinforcements’ on Bake Off

Prue Leith, a 82-year-old British celebrity, recently revealed on the ITV show Loose Women that she would not refuse a libido jab if offered during the menopause. The jab is a medical innovation that can help with the loss of sex drive in women. Her husband, John Playfair, 74, was in the audience and joked that his wife was doing just fine without medical assistance. Prue objected to the idea that when you turn 50, you should give up on everything and said that love is so important and if you get a chance at it you should grab it. She also shared a story about how when she was 19 she accidentally attended an orgy with a male friend and had to pretend to be drinking at the bar and then take her clothes off to be less noticeable. Prue believes that libido is a part of your happiness and that there should be no debate about taking the injection as long as it is safe and medically prescribed. Her advice is to not be afraid to express your feelings and to grab any chance of love that comes your way.

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