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PS5 Direct Queue: PlayStation Direct PS5 restock live from Sony


PS5 Direct Queue: PlayStation Direct PS5 restock live from Sony

The PS5 Direct Queue is live (Image: SONY)

Any gamers who think they have a bit of luck about them can put it to the test right now in trying to buy a PS5.

The PlayStation Direct store in the United States is currently live and offering the chance at purchasing a PS5.

The good news is that the PS5 Direct Queue is open to everyone, meaning you don’t need to have been invited.

The downside is that there is probably very little chance of buying a console based on how many will be trying.

If you join the PS5 restock event now, you’ll probably find yourself in a queue that could run for over an hour.

It should also be noted that this won’t be available to those who don’t have the correct PlayStation Network details, including gamers from the UK.


A message on the PS5 Direct site states: “PS5 Consoles are now available but are not guaranteed even if you are in the queue.”

More information shared on the PS5 Direct Queue site reads:


You will hear a chime. Make sure to unmute your device. You will be automatically redirected to direct.playstation.com.

If you are on a different tab, a pop-up will prompt you click to enter the site. You will have 10 minutes to proceed.

Once you click enter site, you will be redirected to the page you originally navigated to, from there you can begin your shopping journey.


ONE PS5 console per household. Please note if you have already purchased a PS5 console on direct.playstation.com, you will not be able to purchase a second console.

If you reach the front of the queue, be sure to have your PSN account info ready. Do not forget to grab a DualSense Controller and a PS5 game to begin your next-gen journey and qualify for free shipping!

PS5 consoles require you to use a PSN account to purchase.

As ever, you will need a bit of luck to be chosen to buy a console from the PlayStation Direct site today.

And it should be noted that PS5 Direct is only available in the United States and will not be an option for anyone with a UK Credit or Debit Card.

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