PS5 Slim with Detachable Disc Drive: Authentic Images Leaked on Twitter – Sony Reacts?

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After the photo, the video! On August 11, 2023, on Twitter, a certain “” posted images of the so-called PS5 Slim, with detachable disc drive. The recording, which shows the console from every angle, follows a first leak – reported a day before by the well-known “TheSnitch”. In this one, on learns that the height of the machine has been revised downwards by 5cm, and that there are now two USB Type-C ports on the front… Information that coincides with the video that interests us today. As of this writing, Sony has not commented on this.

Authentic images?

On the images of BwE, on can therefore see the CFI-2016 case, the bottom of which would be “clearly thinner” than a console standard, explains the Internet user, who presents himself as an independent software developer on PS4 and PS5. He also notes that the serial number, obviously indicated on the base of the machine, does not no mention of a version A or B (edition standard or digital), which would confirm the thesis of a removable disk drive : “I assume that (this model, editor’s note) comes without the reader, and that you buy it then attach it later?”, writes BwE. Enough to confirm the words of Tom Henderson (another well-known insider), who reported the existence of this “PS5 Slim” ago. On Twitter, the man also says that he could not have the new video authenticated. He explains: “From what I understand, the machine comes with a separate side plate by default (…) and the disc player is an add-on like any other accessory”.

Incidentally, Tom Henderson recalls that this would not be a PS5 Slim, but a revision of the model standard of the console from Sony. “It’s a way to streamline the manufacturing process and reduce shipping costs,” the reporter says on . The Japanese company would kill two birds with one stone here, with a production line for two versions of its machine : the “digital”, the default one and without a disk drive; and the “standard”, which could play Blu-rays with the addition of an optional part! According to Tom Henderson, the whole thing should be released in September 2023.

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