PS5 stock UK: New GAME restock window REVEALED, dates and times to put in your diary

PS5 stock UK: New GAME restock window REVEALED, dates and times to put in your diary

PS5 GAME restock window revealed – Dates and times to mark down (Image: GAME • SONY)

PS5 stock could become available at GAME once again shortly. The major UK high street retailer had been expected to launch its latest restock on Thursday June 3, however insiders claim there had been a “slight” delay due stock of both the PS5 and Xbox Series X arriving at GAME around the same time. However, despite this the release date listed on the GAME website for its next batch of PS5 orders hasn’t changed.

GAME still says the release date for its next load of PS5 stock will be June 11, it’s just when orders will open that remains to be seen.

One PS5 stock tracker account has given a restock window for the next GAME restock.

The @PS5Instant Twitter said GAME should be setting its next PlayStation 5 orders live between June 7 and June 9.

The stock should become available to buy between 9am and 10am UK time.

With previous GAME restocks a queue went live during this time which players have to get in if they want to purchase a PS5.

In a recent update the @PS5Instant Twitter wrote: “GAME #ps5restock 7-9th (9-10am) – delay due to Xbox”.

This update came after the PS5 stock tracker account explained why the latest GAME restock had been delayed.

The PS5 Instant Twitter said: “GAME slight delay due to fact #XboxSeriesX & #PS5stock shipments came roughly the same time (#PS5 arrived early)”.

While the delay is bad news for anyone hoping to get a PS5 order in as early as they can, there is a silver lining.

@PS5Instant said the next GAME restock should compromise of over 12,000 consoles, with two thirds of this being Disc systems.

PS5 stock news UK for June 2021

More PS5 stock could become available at UK retailer GAME between June 7 and 9 (Image: SONY)

The account tweeted: “GAME #PS5 shipment has arrived slightly early. Around ~12,400 units, 62% Disc & 38% Digital PS5.”

This sounds like a pretty sizeable restock, and anyone that misses out on this PS5 stock drop will have other retailers to turn to.

Retailers such as Argos, Very,, ASDA and ShopTo are all tipped to launch more PS5 restocks in June.

Other retailers rumoured to take PlayStation 5 orders once again this month are Scan, Studio, John Lewis and Smyths Toys.

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