PSVR 2: Surprising initial figures revealed – Should we still be excited?

PSVR 2 Sells 600K Units in 6 Weeks: What You Need to Know

Better than the 1st PSVR

Since its release in February 2023, the PSVR 2 has gone through all the emotions! The press agrees on an object super powerful but sold at a golden price (€599.99); in January, Bloomberg ensures that Sony has revised its sales targets downwards, before the Japanese company denies; in March, the media returns to the charge by evoking 270,000 units sold in 1 month. In short, it was time for PlayStation to disentangle the true from the false. This is what the brand did when son last.

It’s official, PSVR 2 sold 600,000 copies in its first 6 weeks, announces Sony. Over the same period, this is 8% more than the previous model released in 2016. In a paper published in 2022: claims that PlayStation planned to produce two millions units for the launch of son new generation headphones. Of son side, recalls that Hiroki Totoki, chief financial officer, is “confident” on the capacity of the PSVR 2 to cross 5 millions of sales.

In a recent interview with GamesRadar, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan noted that it’s still a bit early to judge the popularity of the headset. “PSVR 2 has just been released” he explains, “but we are pleased to see the many positive reactions from users and the media. We’ll keep pushing forward so those who buy PSVR 2 can enjoy it the longest possible and that we can also secure our profits”.

More big games to come

Speaking of the future, the same financial report cites upcoming games coming to PSVR 2, such as Ghostbusters Rise of the Ghost Lord, Beat Saber – and the virtual reality version of Resident Evil 4, which should be presented during the PlayStation Showcase on May 24, 2023. For this occasion, Sony should also show other titles… In several interviews, Hermen Hulst, head of brand studios, had mentioned son want to see no more large “in-house” licenses in VR like Horizon on Call of the Mountain. Why not imagine God of War, Uncharted?