PUBG’s first aircraft, the motor glider, is launching test flights this weekend

The PlayerUnknown battlefields will receive their first player-controlled aircraft, the motor glider, which will be available for test flights on the PUBG Labs server this weekend.

The motor glider (that’s it above) has room for two. Although there is no armament, players can still throw projectiles (Molotows are most useful) and shoot from above, just like from any other vehicle. While the engine can be destroyed, it can still slide to a landing with an indestructible landing gear. The wings are damaged, but to a lesser extent than the body.

The motor glider will appear on the map at random, and although it has no service cap, it loses power as the altitude increases. It also has a limited fuel supply.

The motor sail test will take place on the cards from Erangel and Miramar from 11 p.m. PST today and runs until 11pm PST on Sunday. Players on the PC version of PUBG will find the test in a banner in the public match menu on their main screen.

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