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“Public Transport” Saudi Arabia: Implementation of the ban on the activity of trucks over the age of 20


The General Transportation Authority of Saudi Arabia has announced the expiry of the corrective period for entry in force of some provisions of the regulation governing the activity of freight transport, freight brokers and truck rental, which has been approved and published in date 2 January 2020, noting that at the expiry of tale period, private individuals and authorized establishments must not carry out the activity with trucks that are more than 20 years old from the year of manufacture.

It indicated that the period for licensed freight facilities to meet the requirement to provide a minimum of 10 individual transport vehicles or locomotives, for a maximum period of three years, provided that at least two vehicles are added per year until the minimum required is completed.

And he indicated that the authorized facilities must respect the operating age of the truck, which will have an impact on increasing the level of safety and improving traffic safety, without requiring a specific nationality for the driver, with particular attention to the commitment to the Emiratisation percentage specified by the Ministry of Human Resources, while the owners of trucks must drive them exclusively by the owner or whoever takes his place in as a driver assistant, provided he is a Saudi citizen, with a suitable license to drive the vehicle.

It invited all authorized facilities to benefit from the extension of the corrective period to provide the minimum number of trucks for a maximum period of 3 years, provided that at least two vehicles are increased each year to benefit from facilities that do not meet this condition, so such as facilities whose number of trucks was less than the minimum due to the exit of the trucks Its operational life has expired.

This is part of the efforts of the Public Transport Authority to organize and develop the freight transport activity and to ensure the availability of transport services at higher levels of quality and safety. carbon emissions and pollution, reduced fuel consumption and reduced operating and maintenance costs.

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