Publication of Russiagate’s “alternative” report

The Department of Justice is trying to publish an “alternative” report written by aides of special counsel Robert Mueller, who presumably disagreed with his conclusions on President Donald Trump’s “collusion” with Russia.

Responding to a request for documents from the New York Times, the DOJ searched out the report called in a book by Mueller’s assistant Andrew Weissman and is working to declassify it for publication, United States Attorney Damian Williams of the southern district of New York said in a judicial deposit on Thursday evening.

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the DOJ “Has identified and started to elaborate it record and intends to release all non-exempt parts … once the processing is complete” Williams wrote. The department estimates that “Primary processing” Sara complete “at the end of January 2022 “, at that point the document would be sent to other divisions for consultation. There was no estimate on the effective publication date.

Mueller was named in May 2017 to investigate Trump, both for the alleged “collusion” with Russia in the 2016 elections and the alleged obstruction of the FBI investigation, for firing his director, James Comey. In Congressional hearings, Comey admitted writing memos of his meetings with Trump and leaked them to the press with the target of Having a special counsel appointed.

His final report, however, concluded that they were not there prove anyone in by Trump campaign conspired or colluded with Russia, and could not prove obstacle to filing a complaint. Mueller’s confused testimony before Congress in July 2019 led to widespread speculation that in in reality it was Weissman who conducted the investigation and created the report.

as an accusation of The source of the

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In his 2020 book, “Where Law Ends,” Weissman claimed to have educated the members of his team to “Write up an internal relationship that commemorates all that we do found, our conclusions and limits on the investigation, and provided it to the other team leader as he had kept it in our files. “ It is this report that the Times has been looking for, and the Justice Department is now working to declassify it.

The team Weissman said he was working on the case of Paul Manafort, who managed Trump’s campaign for different months in 2016, but resigned afterwards media revelations of its lobbying work in Ukraine. Manafort was eventually charged and convicted for tax evasion, money laundering and other charges, none of What were in whatever way relating to the 2016 presidential elections campaign. He was pardoned by Trump in 2020.

Weissman himself was the subject of controversy during the special counsel probe. The Wall Street Journal reported that he participated in Hillary Clinton’s election night party, while the emails obtained from the conservative guard dog Judicial Watch showed him praising interim Attorney General Sally Yates for challenging Trump’s travel ban order in January 2017.

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