Pulitzer Winner WaPo “corrects” Russiagate stories

The critics called for the revocation of a Pulitzer Prize awarded to the Washington Post for his “unstoppable” chronicle of Russiagate, after the newspaper made heavy corrections to two story based on the discredited Steele Dossier.

In a statement on Friday, the Washington Post announced which had removed “Large portions” of Two articles covering the discredited Steele Dossier – a political opposition report commissioned by Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential elections campaign which he claimed to have prove of a conspiracy between President Donald Trump and Russia.

One of the biggest pushers of wretched Steele Dossier is trying to distance himself from it

TO KNOW MORE: One of the biggest pushers of wretched Steele Dossier is trying to distance himself from it

Washington Post executive editor Sally Buzbee told the paper “Could no longer sustain accuracy” of entire sections of the articles from March 2017 to February 2019, which had misidentified a primary source for the most striking statements in the dossier, including Trump’s “Contaminated” a hotel room in Moscow with prostitutes.

In a Friday note from the publisher for 2017 item, the Washington Post said it is original account had “Been contradicted by the allegations contained in federal indictment filed in November 2021 and undermined by further reports “, and a similar editor’s note was also added in the article of Russiagate 2019.

The Washington Post has previously added editor’s notes a several Other dubious reports on “Russiagate” on alleged interference and hacking, and the newspaper was publicly condemned on Friday for having to add Two more articles to the list of “correct” stories.

“Another important note from the publisher attached to a Washington Post Russiagate story. This one it is essentially a retraction. There is not way for greater media outlets can continue to evade this accountability. is going in crash down” tweeted journalist Glenn Greenwald, who added that the “scope of The mediaRussiagate fraud is just starting to be appreciated. “

Journalist Michael Tracey noticed that Tom Hamburger and Rosalind Helderman, the two authors behind an article that “has now been effectively withdrawn”, received a Pulitzer Prize “for their report on Russiagate at exactly the same time ”.

“You kind of wonder what else they took in an excellent way wrong, it is not true?” he asked, like others social media users called on the Pulitzer Prize for revoking Hamburger and Helderman’s award and called for the resignation of journalists.

Some social media users wondered why the Washington Post wouldn’t completely retract its discredit coverage instead of make such heavy changes, however others discussed that the damage was already done and that by deleting the untruths several years after their publication simply amounted to “hiding the prove”.

“These news organizations have damaged our democracy “, tweeted author Svetlana Lokhova. “We need a judicial public investigation of culture, practices and ethics of the US press “.

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