Puma’s $ 100 gambling sock has three different “modes”

That may have come from the guy who wore a sleeping bag all day, but what the hell is Puma doing who not only makes and markets “play socks” but also sells the suction cups for more than $ 100?

Exactly, Gang, Puma’s “Active Gaming Footwear” is available in the UK and Australia for around $ 105, although they are not yet available in the Land of the Free and in the home of the sedentary.

What does Active Gaming Footwear do? They are “designed for indoor and arena use” and offer “seamless comfort, support and grip to allow gamers to adapt to different active game modes” such as:

Middle winding handle in SEEK mode

Lateral wrap-up support in ATTACK mode

Heel stability in CRUISE and DEFENSE mode

Is that real? Yes, Puma actually says that these sneaker socks have “modes” like a gaming peripheral.

I will be really, really charitable here and say yes I would like to have a pair of them because I don’t like wearing shoes at home, and I also hate looking for my flip-flops or dockers when I drive must shout at the garbage to the curb or the neighbor’s dog to shut up. But I don’t think it’s worth $ 105, even for the most playful player hermit out there.

Adidas, in order not to get out of the ridiculous shoe segment, announced today with Tyler “Ninja” Blevins their upcoming “collaboration” (that is, conversations with children for “people who work for famous people who worked on it”). As of December 31, there will be a pair of $ 150 worth of shoes, but that’s at least what Adidas calls. They’re from the Nite Jogger family, they get on their feet, they’re colorful, and they tell people that you like Ninja and / or Fortnite. The price is also not too crazy compared to shoes for celebrities of a similar caliber.

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