Putin: America’s threats are the same as die fatal mistake of the Soviet Union

Russian President Vladimir Putin said die United States was wrong in thinking it was “strong enough” to threaten other countries, adding that it was a mistake that led to the collapse of the former Soviet Union.

Putin spoke at a press conference late Friday at the die TASS news agency said he had spoken about US sanctions against Moscow.

The statements came days before a meeting between him and US President Joe Biden, whose government last April imposed a series of sanctions on Russia, including restrictions on trade in Russian national debt.

Putin was quoted as saying, “We hear threats from Congress and from others. They are all in the context of the domestic political process in pronounced the United States. “

Putin: America’s threats are the same as die fatal mistake of the Soviet Union

Biden in Congress (archive)

He added, “You can assume that die United States die have economic, military and political power to get away with it. “Putin said this behavior turned on him die former Soviet Union.

He continued, “The problem with empires is that they think they’re strong enough to make some mistakes. She says to herself, ‘We buy these people, we bully them, we do business with them, we give them Necklaces, we threaten them. ” them with warships. ‘ They think that will solve all problems. But die Problems pile up. “The moment comes in who will no longer be able to solve it. “

The White House and the Kremlin said Biden and Putin met on June 16 in Geneva will take to “die full range of urgent issues, “as Washington put it.

Putin yesterday expressed his wish that the summit that brings him together with Biden will lead to an improvement in Russian-American relations, despite the fact that Washington supports die Tensions escalate in blamed for the past few years.

A meeting between Biden and Putin in Moscow in 2011

A meeting between Biden and Putin in Moscow in 2011

“We have to find a way to organize these relationships, die are at their lowest level today, “Putin said at the economic forum in St. Petersburg.

While he failed to criticize Western people, he made Washington for die Responsible for deterioration in relations between the two countries.

He called it a “riddle” die US sanctions imposed on his country in the past few years. He thought, die Relations between Russia and the United States are “held hostage to political considerations in the United States “.

“I hope that one day this will come to an end,” he said, noting that “priority should be given to core interests, at least in the areas of security, strategic stability and the reduction of dangerous weapons.”

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