Putin: an unprecedented crisis and inflation in West due to sanctions against Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin noted that the decision by European and American politicians to impose new restrictions on Russia has led to an unprecedented crisis in West.

The Russian president said on Wednesday at a government meeting on Arctic development that Western countries’ rejection of normal cooperation with Russia has affected millions of Europeans and reflected on the United States, and prices are rising and l inflation is above the limits, which is unprecedented.

Inflation in the United States e in Europe continues to grow, and almost every month establishes a new one recordAccording to official data, annual inflation in the United States last March reached its highest level since December 1981 and last month recorded a level of 8.5%, up from 7.9% in February.

Today, UK data showed that annual inflation rose to 7% last month from 6.2% the previous month (February 2022), and thus the inflation index registered new historical highs, the most high since 1992.

Rising inflation rates, in particularly, in light of the increase in food and fuel prices, which has been exacerbated with the imposition of Western sanctions on Russia after the start of its military operation in Ukraine.

Interestingly, global food prices have started to rise since the beginning of the year 2021, following the irresponsible policy pursued by Western central banks in recent years, as they have deliberately pumped out tens of trillions of dollars, euros and unsupported British pounds. in Western economies, which fueled inflation.

Inflation has worsened recently with Western countries, including the European Union and the United States, imposing unprecedented sanctions on Russia, which is one of the world’s leading producers of energy resources and food exporter.