Putin calls on the West to stop arming Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday in a phone call with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron that the West should stop supplying arms to Ukraine as Macron renewed his call for a ceasefire in Ukraine.

“The West can help stop these atrocities by exerting adequate influence over the Kiev authorities, as well as by stopping the arms supply to Ukraine,” the Kremlin said. in a note.

Putin told Macron that the West could help put an end to “war crimes and massive bombings of cities and settlements in Donbass”, which result in civilian casualties.

The Russian president accused Ukrainian forces of committing war crimes and the European Union “of ignoring them”.

Russia denies alleged war crimes committed by its forces in Ukraine and accused what he calls nationalists and “neo-Nazis” of the deaths of civilians, a claim denied by Kiev and the West.

Putin said that despite Kiev’s “contradiction and reluctance to work hard”, the Russian side remains open to dialogue “to find a via out of the conflict.

The Kremlin explained that Putin has responded to French concerns about global food security by saying “the situation in this region is complicated mainly due to Western countries’ sanctions against Russia.

For his part, Macron told his Russian counterpart he is ready to work with international organizations to help lift the Russian embargo on Ukrainian food exports across the Black Sea.

French President Putin called on Putin to “allow evacuations from the Azovstal (factory)” in the port city of Mariupol in southern Ukraine.

The Elysée said Macron reiterated the need for a ceasefire in Ukraine and told Putin that he was deeply concerned about the situation in Donbass and Mariupol.

“I asked Russia to fulfill its international responsibility as a member of the United Nations Security Council by ending this devastating attack,” Macron said. in a note.