Putin Confirms Ukrainian Counterattack, but Kiev’s Forces Fail to Achieve Goals

Putin Confirms Ukrainian Counterattack Has Started

Confirmation by Putin

Amid speculation about the start date of the Ukrainian counterattack against Russian forces, scheduled for last spring, before being postponed to avoid heavy casualties, Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided the matter.

Putin confirmed on Friday that the counterattack, which Ukraine has been preparing for months, had “started” on the front, but that Kiev’s forces were not in able to “achieve their goals,” according to AFP.

Details of the Counterattack

He also added in a video broadcast on Telegram by a Russian public television correspondent: “We can fully confirm that this attack started with prove of the use of strategic reserves”, adding that the battles have been going on for 5 days, but “the Ukrainian forces have not achieved their objectives in none of the battlefields”.

He also stressed that Ukraine still has “capacity offensive” despite the failure of his counterattack so far, explaining that “all counterattack attempts that have taken place so far have failed, but the Kiev regime still has capabilities offensive”, stressing that the Russian response “will be based on this”. Conclusion”.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Denies Start of Counterattack

This comes after Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine, Hana Malyar, stopped all speculation about the counterattack, stating that “plans love silence and the counterattack will not start as it is promoted on the social media”.

And he confirmed on Thursday in an interview with the French newspaper “Le Figaro” that this attack has not yet begun, but will be launched soon, explaining that “things will not happen because it is being promoted on socialwhich means an official announcement that the attack will be launched at ten o’clock today!”

Recent Attacks Against Bakhmut

However, he revealed at the same time that several attacks began last week against Bakhmut, the city that fell under Russian control after months of bloody battles against Wagner’s Russian forces.

Ukrainian Advantages in War

When asked why Ukrainian forces are depending, Malyar explained that Russia is undoubtedly heavily armed, “especially since it has been preparing for this war for 30 years,” as he said. But at the same time, he stressed that the Ukrainian army also has many advantages.

Since he saw that the first point working in his favor is that Ukrainian forces are defending his land, he also took many training courses with NATO forces and acquired his standard and advanced methods.

And he said that his country’s forces adopt “faster and less bureaucratic methods than the Russians” to make military decisions in the field.

Furthermore, he considered that Western military aid is also an important advantage.

International Aid

Ukraine has been reported for months to step up its international campaigns to urge its Western allies to back it up with more long-range missiles, as well as advanced air fighters, in preparing for this attack. Many countries have complied with this request, in head United States, Great Britain and other European countries.

Possibility of Delay Due to Recent Floods

However, the recent floods in the southern regions of Ukraine due to the collapse of the Kakhovka dam could delay this plan, according to some observers.

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