Putin congratulates national carrier, Aeroflot, on its centenary anniversary

Russian President Vladimir Putin today, on Friday, congratulated the national carrier Aeroflot on its centenary, noting its great contribution to the development of the country.

“I congratulate you on a significant event – the centenary of Aeroflot,” President Putin said in a message posted on the Kremlin website. Over the past decades, many generations of employees of the (Russian) company have made a truly unique contribution to the development of the country, opened promising air routes, participated in development of the Arctic and other regions.

Putin added that Aeroflot is the country’s largest airline, employing qualified specialists who know and love their job well. “We will always remember the courage of pilots and other workers of civil aviation, which they showed (bravery) during the Great Patriotic War,” Putin said. .

The Head of the Russian State also wished the employees and veterans of the company success, prosperity and further success in the development of Aeroflot.

And the Russian national carrier was established on March 17, 1923, and the company considers Sheremetyevo Airport in the capital, Moscow, to be the center of its activities and work.

On this occasion, the company presented a dance show at Sheremetyevo Airport, which attracted the attention of passengers at the airport.

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