Putin: I have with Biden die Return of ambassadors agreed

After a four-hour summit meeting between US President Joe Biden and the Russian Vladimir Putin in Geneva announced on Wednesday that Putin had reached an agreement with his American counterpart die Return of their ambassadors. The time of their return is a “purely procedural matter”.

“The conversation was very constructive,” Putin said during a press conference in Geneva, adding that they “have agreed to start consultations on cybersecurity”.

No invitations to visit

He said that Biden had not invited him to visit the White House or his American counterpart to the Kremlin.

He announced he would be over with Biden die Speaking about the Ukraine crisis, noting that Ukraine’s accession to NATO was non-negotiable.

He added that the US president had promised to extend the START agreement for 3 years.

Putin: I have with Biden die Return of ambassadors agreed

Putin and Biden (AFP)

“America carries out murders”

However, the Russian president admitted die Existence of differences with Washington in a series of questions, implicitly accusing America of in to have committed murders in several regions of the world.

He did blame Washington for die Responsibility for strained US-Russian relations did not preclude reaching an agreement with Washington on the prisoner exchange.

“We are an enemy country”

He noted that Washington showed its support for opposition political organizations in Russia announced and pointed out that die United States classify Russia as a hostile country.

To the allegations of Russia, die Militarizing the Arctic, he said, “Washington shouldn’t worry about Russia’s militarization of the strategic Arctic, in which does not hide its ambitions from Russia. “

Putin during the press conference

Putin during the press conference

The two presidents met today, Wednesday, for a summit in a luxurious villa in Geneva, where Biden emphasized that face-to-face meetings are always better. He stressed the importance of meeting face to face in order to die Reduce tensions between the two countries.

The two presidents are today in Arrived at Villa Lagrange, where they were received by Federal President Guy Parmelin.

The three exchanged greetings and handshakes, while the Swiss host emphasized his wish for a constructive dialogue between the two presidents for the good of the world.

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