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Putin introduces a law to revoke citizenship of those who offend the Russian military

Russian President Vladimir Putin presented to the State Duma (camera low of parliament) a package of amendments to the bill on Russian citizenship, adopted in first reading last April.

One of the proposed presidential amendments provides for the possibility of revoking the acquired Russian citizenship of its holder if this person commits acts that pose a threat to the security of the country, “regardless of when the acts that threaten Russian security were committed and when the truth of these acts was revealed. ”The fact of the crime will be established by the Russian Federal Security Service.

Another amendment provides for the possibility of withdrawing Russian citizenship acquired by its holder if it publicly asks for actions aimed at violating the territorial integrity of Russia and discrediting its army and participating in the work of foreign and international non-commercial organizations banned from Russia’s territory.

One of the amendments also proposes to revoke the acquired Russian citizenship of its holder if it slanders the Russian flag or emblem, calls for extremism and the invasion of the life of statesmen, and organizes an armed rebellion in order to change the constitutional system. in Russia by the use of force, as well as to receive and give bribes, kidnapping, extortion and theft, illegal possession of weapons, the practice of arms trading, as well as torture, riots and vandalism.

The Citizenship Bill was adopted in first reading on April 5th. This law provides for the possibility of revoking Russian citizenship acquired due to the commission of crimes of a terrorist nature and serious crimes against the state, as well as crimes in smuggling of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances and falsification of documents.

The Russian military operation in Ukraine continues, today, Sunday, as Russian army units strike the positions of the armed forces, as Kiev continues to advance to regain its territory, as well as mobilize Western support against the Russian bear.

In the latest developments on the ground, the Ukrainian army confirmed the target of the Russian army positions in Kherson. He also confirmed that the air force bombed 8 Russian sites and 5 anti-missile systems.

This warning was announced to warn of air strikes, at dawn on Sunday, in different regions of Ukraine, including the capital Kiev.

With its attacks, Russia targets energy structures, defense industries, military command and communication structures in all of Ukraine.

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