Putin is flirting with Russians ahead of the billions in elections

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday pledged billions of rubles to improve the lives of Russians ahead of the elections expected in September, die to follow a time die of severe repression against die Opposition and die Movement is shaped by Alexei Navalny.

For around an hour, the Kremlin master spoke to hundreds of high-ranking officials, die on the occasion of the congress of the ruling party “United Russia” in Moscow had gathered.

He said that “the party leader’s program should be the people’s program”, in a time in the die The popularity of “United Russia” declined against the background of economic stagnation, voter fatigue and corruption problems.

In a speech die was repeatedly interrupted by applause, the Russian President suggested, in addition to renovating schools or cleaning rivers, several tens of billions of rubles in die Invest in improving the public transport sector, roads and infrastructure.

He said that “a strong and affordable family with children die Russia’s future is “which reflects its adoption of” family values ​​”and its aim to address the demographic decline that Russia is suffering from.

Putin called for the start of a project costing at least 100 billion rubles (1.1 billion euros) to strengthen the “system of health care and recovery.”

And he added, “I repeat, it is better to get a vaccine than get sick,” given the caution many Russians have about vaccines.

Putin is flirting with Russians ahead of the billions in elections

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny (Reuters)

Neutralize Navalny

These promises go hand in hand with the decline in popularity of the United Russia party, die has a parliamentary majority.

According to polling firm Phitsium, its popularity is currently about thirty percent or ten percent less than it was before the 2016 general election, compared with 60 to 65 percent for Vladimir Putin.

The institute estimates about thirty percent of the percentage of the three parliamentary opposition parties (die Communists, die extreme Liberal Democratic Party and die Just Russia Party), die die Support Kremlin initiatives and respond to its wishes.

As the election campaign approached, they intensified die Authorities take action against their actual opponents, especially against die Alexei Navalny’s organizations considered “extremist” and banned on June 9th. It also prevented its members from running for general elections.

Navalny, who has been detained since last January, is serving a two and a half year sentence. die was imposed on him shortly after surviving poisoning in August 2020, die Western countries ascribed to the Kremlin.

Putin’s main opponent is known for his sweeping investigation into the corruption of the Russian elite, die were directed against elected officials of the United Russia party in particular.

Former protest in Russia

Former protest in Russia

“Everyone is in prison”

Many allies had to face Navalnys for fear of persecution in left the country in recent months amid the raid on other dissidents and independent media outlets.
When it comes to voting, “United Russia” can count on its presence at all levels

Authority. So throws him die Opposition proposes to force civil servants to vote for him in every election.

The survey is to officially take place from September 17th to 19th to ensure the highest level of security in the face of Covid. But die Opponents of the Kremlin see this as a way to facilitate fraud, with the difficulty of monitoring votes and ballot boxes for three days and two nights.

During the conference on Saturday, Putin expressed his wish that the voting process reflected the “real will of the people”, while President of “United Russia” Dmitry Medvedev called for an “honest” campaign for an “honest victory”.

Opponent Georgy Alborov, a close associate of Alexei Navalny, tweeted, however, “Honest fight, honest victory, do you hear me? You put all your opponents in prison.”

Nawalny’s supporters still expect to be able to promote a “smart vote” and urge every party to die “United Russia” can beat.

This tactic had some success in the local elections, but it could pull through die Dissolution of the vital network of regional opposition offices will be undermined.

Sergey Lavrov (Reuters)

Sergey Lavrov (Reuters)

Lavrov on the ruling party list

Russian President Putin said on Saturday that his foreign and defense ministers would be at the top of the ruling United Russia party’s list of candidates in the upcoming general election, according to the Associated Press.

Putin’s admission of Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu in die List should die Electorate enthusiasm for die Increase party whose following is decreasing.

Both Shoigu and Lavrov are popular for their consistent positions on the military and the challenges facing the West. You do not have to in die Party list to be included to fill parliamentary seats if they are elected.

The most notable absentee on the list announced at the party congress was Dmitry Medvedev, the former president, prime minister and head of the United Russia party, who left the prime ministerial office in January 2020 to take up the post of deputy chairman of the National Security Council.

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