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Putin: Isolating Russia is impossible and the operation in Ukraine will undoubtedly achieve its goals

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that the Moscow military operation in Ukraine will undoubtedly achieve what it described as its “noble” goals, pointing out that isolating Russia from the world is impossible.

Russian news agencies quoted Putin at an awards ceremony at the Vostochny Cosmodrome in the Russian Far East that Moscow had no choice but to launch a military operation to protect Russia and that there was no escape from a confrontation with the forces. anti-Russian in Ukraine .

TASS news agency sued Putin for claiming that Russian forces carrying out the military campaign in Moscow in Ukraine act “with courage and efficiency” and use the most modern weapons, stressing that “the genocide in Donbass in eastern Ukraine can no longer be forgiven”.

“Starting the military operation in Ukraine, we were protecting Russia and we had no other choice, “Putin added, adding:” We cannot be isolated. “

Russian news agency quoted Kremlin as saying President Vladimir Putin discussed the Moscow military operation on Friday in Ukraine with its Security Council.

Russia has sent tens of thousands of soldiers in Ukraine on February 24, in what he describes as a special operation aimed at depriving his neighbor of his military capabilities and eliminating the people he described as dangerous nationalists.

And Ukrainian forces have shown solid resistance and the West has imposed sweeping sanctions on Russia in an attempt to force it to withdraw its forces.

Today, Tuesday, Russian forces continue to exert pressure on the strategic port city of Mariupol, which Ukrainian soldiers are desperately trying to defend, as they are doing in the east of their country, where Kiev is in expect a big attack very soon.

The situation in the devastated Mariupol, which has been besieged by the Russian army for more than 40 days, appears tragic.

For his part, the governor of the Lugansk region in Donbass Serhiy Gaidai predicted, via Facebook, that “the battle for control of the Donbass will continue for several days, and during those days our cities could be subject to complete destruction”, inviting civilians evacuate the city through the five humanitarian corridors provided a tale scope. And he warned that “the Mariupol scenario will repeat itself in the Lugansk region”.

In Kharkiv (east), the second largest city in the country, eight people were killed in a bombing operation, according to the governor of the region, Oleg Senegubov.

UN officials on Monday called for an investigation into violence against women in Ukraine and on the protection of children displaced by the conflict, during a meeting of the United Nations Security Council convened by the United States and Albania.


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