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Putin on Victory Day: the West was preparing to invade our lands


As Victory Day celebrations began in Moscow’s Red Square or Red Square on Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that Russian forces are fighting for Russia’s security, adding that the West is preparing to invade the country. country.

He also stressed that confronting the neo-Nazis was inevitable, referring to the Ukrainian nationalist fighters.

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He stressed that the special military operation in Ukraine was necessary and at the right time and it was the only right decision, as he said.

He also noted that “volunteers in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine and Russian forces are fighting for their homeland.”

Threats from NATO

Amid large crowds and a huge military parade, he believed that NATO was throwing threats at the Russian borders and that the West did not want to listen to Moscow, because it had other plans.

He also stressed that his country was facing a “totally unacceptable threat” from Ukraine.

Furthermore, he greeted the Russian people, considering that the secret of his strength lies in the plurality of nationalities. He accused what he described as “enemies of Russia” of trying to sow hatred among Russian citizens in order to divide them.

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Putin concluded his speech by praising the sacrifices of Russian soldiers, as well as his commitment to support families who have lost loved ones.

He also raised the slogan “Glory to Russia”, in so that thousands of soldiers and mobilized soldiers chanted this slogan behind him.

Shortly after his speech was over, the military parade began, with dozens of bands marching to the rhythm of the music that rang from the heart of Moscow.

May 9 is considered important in Russia, in how much is the national holiday of the victory over Nazism in World War II, which killed about 27 million Soviet citizens, between 1941 and 1945, and which devastated the Soviet Union.

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