Putin reveals “Russia game”: we will ship more gas if you accept “Nord Stream 2”

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russia is in able to begin supplying gas through the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline as soon as it receives regulatory approval.

“The first Nord Stream 2 pipeline is full of gas, if the German regulator allows supplies tomorrow, deliveries will begin the day after tomorrow,” the Russian president said Thursday at the annual meeting of the Kremlin-backed Valdai Dialogue Club in Sochi.

He added that the second line could be ready in December.

Further gas flows from Russia could help alleviate the current energy crisis that suffocates Europe, as rising fuel costs add to the economic chaos. So far, Russia has not sent additional large quantities of gas to the spot market in the region, citing the need to prioritize filling domestic fields before winter arrives.

Putin said further supplies via Nord Stream 2 could significantly reduce the gas shortage in Europe. He explained that the first line can carry 17.5 billion cubic meters of gas once approved, without specifying a time period. The combined annual capacity of both lines is 55 billion cubic meters.

Its figures appeared to be much higher than the previous Russian “Gazprom” estimates questyear could ship 5.6 billion cubic meters via Nord Stream 2. The company has so far met its conservative estimate of full-year gas supplies. in Europe and Turkey at 183 billion cubic meters.

Russia is starting to worry about rising gas prices, which could hurt demand. Earlier, Putin denied limiting supplies to Europe to force approval of Nord Stream 2, which the US and EU members have opposed.

But according to people close to the Kremlin and state giant Gazprom, Russia wants to approve the pipeline before increasing shipments.

German regulators are currently examining Nord Stream 2 AG’s application for certification as an independent operator, but have said that their initial decision could come in January, after which the European Commission will also have to give the via free to the pipeline.

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