Putin: The serious phase in Ukraine hasn’t started yet

With the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, Russian control of the Lugansk region and continuing battles in Donetsk, Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed that the serious phase had not yet begun.

Putin clarified on Thursday in a meeting with faction leaders in the State Duma that Russia has not yet begun any of its serious tasks in Ukraine.

He said Russia hadn’t started anything serious yet in Ukraine, explaining that “everyone should know that, in overall, we haven’t really started anything serious. “

He added: “We were told, today we heard that we started a war in the Donbas, in Ukraine. No, it was launched by this collective West, which organized and supported an unconstitutional armed coup in Ukraine in 2014, therefore encouraged and justified the genocide against the people of Donbass “.

He stressed that “this same collective West is the direct instigator and the culprit of what is happening today,” as he said.

This comes as Russian forces in eastern Ukraine continue to put pressure on Ukrainian forces that are trying to maintain the line along the northern border of the Donetsk region. in preparation for a planned new attack on it.

After capturing the city of Lyschansk on Sunday and consolidating its full control over Ukraine’s Lugansk region, Moscow has made no secret of its intention to seize parts of the neighboring Donetsk region it has not yet established. Kiev still controls some large cities.