Putin: The summit with Biden was good and he is ready to continue the dialogue

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday, die The atmosphere of his summit with his US counterpart Joe Biden was good die two presidents in important questions “die Understand each other’s positions “.

“We are ready to continue the dialogue as long as this die US side is ready, “Putin added today at a televised meeting with graduates of a college for senior Russian cadres in Moscow added.

Putin: The summit with Biden was good and he is ready to continue the dialogue

From the Biden and Putin summits yesterday in Geneva

Putin said die The atmosphere of the meeting is “friendly”. On die Asked how he describes Biden, Putin said, the picture that die The media conveyed to the US president was “far from reality”. “Biden is a professional,” said Putin, “you have to work very carefully with him so that you don’t miss anything.”

Putin continued, “What is the problem if he is confused at times? His spokeswoman is young, educated, beautiful and always confused,” referred to die White House Spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

“It’s not because their culture is weak or their memory is weak, but only when die People think that something is secondary, they don’t pay enough attention to it, “Putin said, adding:” Americans think they are die most important are all. “

The Russian President also said that he and Biden at the Geneva Summit “die have outlined key positions on which die both countries can come together “.

“We also have die Directions or die Identified points at which we have a possible convergence of positions in speak of the future. There are things, die for us and die United States is an absolute priority and concern, “he continued.

This included in particular die Question of “containment of the arms race” because “the arms race in secret and in the public goes on and is not initiated by Russia “.

From the Biden and Putin summit yesterday in Geneva

Putin expressed his hope that Biden would work “quietly” and himself die Practices die in the past few years to the tense situation in Russian-American relations would not repeat.

In this regard, said die Spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Sakharova, told the Russian Ambassador today, Thursday in the United States, Anatoly Antonov, again next week in Washington will work.

On Wednesday, the Russian and American presidents held their first summit since taking over the US presidency in Geneva off to die To ease tensions between Moscow and Washington, whose relations have deteriorated to their lowest levels since the Cold War.

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