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Putin: To say we are waging a cyber war against America is “ridiculous”


Russian President Vladimir Putin thought it “ridiculous” to say Moscow was waging an electronic war against it die UNITED STATES, in an interview with “NBC” that aired today, Monday, two days before his meeting with his American counterpart Joe Biden.

“We were accused of all sorts of things,” including “election interference” or “cyberattacks,” Putin said, emphasizing that “they never did die Have made an effort to produce the slightest evidence “.

He also voiced die Concern of Russia about die growing capacity of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization “NATO” in cyberspace.

Putin said in another context in the interview that he was open to the exchange of prisoners between Russia and the US.

On die Opportunity addressed, Trevor Reed and Paul Whelan, die in Russia imprisoned to exchange for Russians, die in are imprisoned in the United States, Putin said: “Yes, yes, yes, of course.”

The Russian President said in the interview also that it was planned during his summit with Biden to “restore our personal contacts and relationships, to build up a direct dialogue and effective mechanisms for die collaboration in to create the areas die represent common interests “.

Putin added that Russia and die United States can actively work together, including in the field of business.

A meeting between Biden and Putin in 2011 in Moscow

“There is a common interest. A lot of American companies want to work with us and they are now being pushed out of our market and giving way to competitors. Is that really good for die American economy? “

Putin welcomed Washington’s weakening of its “hostile tone” towards Moscow, saying: “On the eve of the summit, both sides always try to reduce negative rhetoric in order to create a favorable working environment. There is nothing special here, I will not deceive myself with anything. “

He also said that die Relations with the United States were at their lowest level in years.

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