Putin to the mothers of soldiers: your children are heroes defending the fatherland

In a meeting with the mothers of Russian soldiers who participated in the fighting on Ukrainian soil, Russian President Vladimir Putin hailed the courage of these “heroic sons” in defending the Russian homeland and people, both in the Donbass, eastern Ukraine or elsewhere.

He also praised their sacrifices, expressing his sympathy with families who have lost their children.

“Don’t trust the media”

He also assured mothers of soldiers as the country celebrates Mother’s Day that not everything soldiers can be trusted. media they broadcast about battles in course or whatever.

This meeting came with the dissemination of videos, weeks ago, on account in Russian-speaking on the Internet, of the mothers and wives of soldiers sent to fight in Ukraine, who gathered in several regions to ask Putin to keep his promises in security terms maximum protection measures for the military.


Especially after the recent mobilization process, announced last September, saw total chaos and even a complaint from soldiers for lack of equipment and training.

After issuing this partial mobilization order, the Kremlin confirmed that the recruits would undergo solid training, receive good equipment and would not be sent in first line.

However, several violations of these promises have been recorded, with the killing of recruits at the front, the mobilization of men unqualified to fight, breadwinners and men too old to serve in the army, and the failure to provide adequate military and equipment training was needed for many of those who were summoned, which angered many families.

Interestingly, on September 21, the Russian president announced a partial mobilization to support the fighting fronts in Ukraine, which have been raging since February 24, and the Defense Ministry later announced the recall of 300,000 soldiers.

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