Putin visits the Crimean Bridge for the first time after the bombing

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Crimean Bridge for the first time since the attack on October 8 (2022), according to the media Russians.

A video clip showed Putin crossing the bridge, accompanied by a number of workers. Another video showed the Russian president driving aauto along the recently restored bridge.

Moscow had accused Ukrainian intelligence of having masterminded the attack, which took place on 8 October last.

While the Russian Federal Security Service, which replaced the Soviet intelligence service (KGB), announced that it had arrested five Russians and three Ukrainian and Armenian nationals in report to the explosion that destroyed this vital bridge, accusing the main intelligence unit of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry and its head, Kirillo Budanov, of masterminding it.

On the other hand, Ukraine has denied these allegations, but some of its officials have celebrated the damage caused by the attack.

Logistical importance

Interestingly, this 19-kilometre-long vehicular and rail bridge, a highly prestigious project inaugurated by Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2018, has great logistical significance for Russian forces, as supplies pass through it for teams fighting in the southern Ukraine.

The explosion resulted in the destruction of part of the bridge, which resulted in a temporary traffic stop. He also destroyed several wagons on a fuel train bound for the peninsula.

But Russia responded violently in followed, launching hundreds of rocket attacks that hit infrastructure in Kiev and in other Ukrainian cities.

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