Putin: Washington left Afghanistan with a “big.” zero”

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that US military intervention in Afghanistan “left nothing but tragedy and loss of life for all sides, and proved that it is impossible to impose foreign values ​​by force on other countries,” adding that Washington left Afghanistan with “a great zero”.

Talking to teenagers in an educational facility in the Russian Far East, Putin made it clear that he considered the US approach to Afghanistan a “complete failure”, given that the Soviet Union had invaded Afghanistan earlier.

Putin added that “American forces have been in the field for 20 years, and for 20 years they have tried to civilize and civilize the people there, and instill their norms and standard of life in every sense of the word, including the political organization of society, “and continued:” The result was nothing but tragedy and loss of life.

The American exit from Afghanistan is a source of concern for Russia, which considers the Central Asian countries, which were formerly part of the former Soviet Union, as part of its southern defense wing and fears the spread of extremism to the inside.

Moscow has strengthened its military base in Tajikistan, in neighboring Afghanistan, and its forces are conducting month-long military exercises near the border.

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