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Putin: We know where Ukraine is preparing a dirty bomb

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that the International Atomic Energy Agency should go in Ukraine “as soon as possible”, accusing Kiev of having canceled the prove of the preparation of the “dirty bomb” that Russia knows where.

We know where to prepare.

“You want the IAEA to come. We, however, as quickly and as widely as possible, because we know that the authorities in Kiev are doing everything possible to cover the effects of these preparations,” he told the Valdai Dialogue Forum in Moscow. . “They’re working on it,” she added.

In response to a question about the Russian accusations of a “dirty bomb” prepared by Kiev, he added: “We also know approximately where it is happening (in Ukraine)”.

“just glimpse”

“We have never talked about the possibility of using nuclear weapons. We have only provided hints in response to statements from other countries, “he said.

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Furthermore, Putin tried to downplay the importance of his previous statements about the possibility of using nuclear weapons, explaining that he was only responding to threats from his opponents.

He felt that Ukraine and Westerners claim that Moscow is playing the nuclear escalation card to “influence neutral countries and tell them: look at Russia! Don’t cooperate with it!”

Ukraine’s plan from Putin’s point of view

He felt that Ukraine wants to use such a radioactive weapon “to be able to say in following that it was Russia that carried out a nuclear attack “, noting that it was he who asked his Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to” inform “his Western counterparts on the matter.

The latter has already spoken in recent days with the defense ministers of the United States, China, France, Turkey and Great Britain, in intense and unprecedented consultations – for several hours – since the beginning of the Russian attack on Ukraine on 24 February.

Since then, Ukraine and its Western allies have broadly condemned the allegations “clearly false”of Russia.

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