Putin: We will help countries that suffer from food shortages as a result of the adventures of the West

President Vladimir Putin promised that Russia would help countries suffering from food shortages as a result of adventurous policies pursued by the West, indirectly referring to the sanctions against Russia and their consequences for the world.

“We are helping and will continue to help countries that are facing food shortages due to the unrest caused by the adventures of some Western countries that are pursuing, without any exaggeration, unprofessional policies,” Putin said during a meeting to discuss the Russian agricultural sector on Monday.

He added: “We know that even before the sanctions, some countries and international companies used their monopoly privileges and genetic modification of crops to prevent competitors from entering and forcing them out of the market.”

The President of Russia pointed out that the unprofessional policy of some Western countries led to an “unbalance” of food chains.

Earlier, Russian Minister of Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev said that Russia was ready to provide free of charge 500,000 tons of grain to needy countries in the next four months, and President Putin said that Russia would donate 300,000 tons of fertilizer to needy countries.

Source: RT