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Putin: We will supply Belarus with nuclear-tipped missiles


After the missile attacks launched from Belarus and landed in the border areas northeast of Kiev, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced today, Saturday, Moscow’s intention to supply Belarus with modern missiles. in capable of carrying nuclear warheads, emphasizing work with Belarus to modernize its military aircraft.

During his meeting with the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko in St Petersburg he added that relations between Moscow and Minsk require permanent coordination, noting that all agreed issues are in implementation phase.

200 nuclear ammunition

Putin also confirmed that the Americans hold 200 tactical nuclear munitions in 6 European NATO member countries.

“We are obliged to secure the state of the union (between Russia and Belarus) and other countries by the Collective Security Organization,” he said, noting that in the coming months we will move the “Iskander-M” systems to Minsk.

Su-25 in the service of Belarus

He also indicated that the Su-25 could be retrofitted in Russian war factories, put in service with the Armed Forces of Belarus and begin training on the cell.

On the other hand, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko considered his Russian counterpart that Lithuania’s isolation in the Russian province of Kaliningrad was a declaration of war.

Missile attacks launched from Belarus

This meeting comes in coinciding with the missile attacks launched today by Belarus and landed in the border areas north-east of Kiev.

For its part, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry stressed that “there is a risk of an expansion of the war”. In an interview with Al-Arabiya today, Saturday, Yury Sak, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine said that there is a danger of Belarusian forces joining the war, but stressed that his country would respond to any intervention.

“Actions can involve Minsk”

He also stressed that “Russia is taking provocative measures to involve Minsk in the war”.

The Ukrainian army announced today that 20 missiles have been launched for via aerial from Belarusian territory, aiming at a border village north-east of the capital.

The Defense Ministry felt that the Kremlin is trying to drag Minsk in direct participation in the conflict by carrying out a massive attack from its territory.

strategic ally

Interestingly, Belarus is a strategic ally of Moscow. Its president, Alexander Lukashenko, who is very close to the Kremlin, has declared since the beginning of the conflict that he is on the side of Russia, but at the same time has called for a reduction in the escalation by cutting off the supply of weapons from the West to Kiev.

He also intended to conduct joint military exercises with Russian forces a few days before the launch of the Russian operation on the territory of the western neighbor on February 24.

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