Putin: we will win in Ukraine as we won in 1945

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Sunday that the war in Ukraine is similar to the war against Nazism in World War II, adding that victory in Ukraine is ours as it was in 1945.

“Today our soldiers, like their ancestors, are fighting side by side to free their land from Nazism, with the certainty that victory will be ours as in 1945,” he said, congratulating the countries of the former Soviet bloc and the two breakaway regions of eastern Ukraine.

“Preventing the Return of Nazism”

He also added that “the common duty today is to prevent the return of Nazism, which caused so much suffering to the peoples of different countries”, wishing that “the new generations are worthy of the memory of their fathers and grandfathers”.

Putin was not only referring to the soldiers, but also to the civilians on the “home front” who “crushed Nazism with countless sacrifices”.

“Stop them from coming back for revenge”

He also said in a paragraph dedicated to the Ukrainians: “Unfortunately today Nazism raises its head again”. “Our sacred duty is to prevent the ideological heirs of those who have been defeated” in what Moscow calls the “Great Patriotic War” “come back for revenge,” he added.

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On the other hand, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky gave a moving speech on the anniversary of the Victory Day and claimed that evil has returned to his country.

Zelensky’s speech

He also said in a video message, today, Sunday, in front of a 9-storey house completely destroyed by Russian missiles, which “Russia killed more than 20 thousand Ukrainians during this war”.

He believed that “the life for which the soldiers fought in that world war ended on February 24, when Russian forces entered his country. “” Evil is back again, in a different shape and with different slogans, but for the same purpose, “he added.

It is interesting to note that Victory Day, which falls on May 9, is one of the most important national events in the country for Russia, especially as it embodies the memory of the enormous sacrifices made by the Soviet Union to defeat Nazi Germany.

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