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Putin’s spies hacked Liz Terrace’s phone and stole sensitive content

Agents of Russian President Vladimir Putin managed to break into Liz Truss’s personal cell phone while he was Secretary of State in Boris Johnson’s resigning government and stole its highly sensitive content, according to “news. private”published by the Mail. on Sunday, which is the Sunday edition of the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

In the news, the hackers were briefed on the “top details.” secret”of the negotiations in course among the main international allies, as well as viewing the private messages he was exchanging with his dear friend Kwasi Kwarteng, who in she has been an advisor to the Treasury since September. 6 until her resignation on October 14 The current situation of her government, while we find more explanations in a video presented by “Al-Arabiya.net”, quoting the Times Radio channel, which is owned as a radio station by News UK, the publisher of the newspapers” The Times “and his sister” Sunday Times “as well as the British” Sun “.

The hack was discovered, according to an unnamed “source”, during the Conservative Party’s summer leadership campaign. However, the prime minister, as well as Simon Case, the prime minister, “hid the big phone breach, to the point that it was then put away in a locked safe inside a secure government site, “according to the expression source.

A text message sent by the hacking system

From what I learned after hacking, the messages dropped in “foreign hands” contained criticisms of Liz Truss and her close friend the Prime Minister’s Quarting, “which led to a potential risk of blackmail”, especially as they included sensitive discussions with international foreign ministers about the war. in Ukraine, as well as detailed discussions on arms shipments, all due to a text message that is transmitted through a system to break into the phone, such as the Israeli Pegasus, for example, and then run the system in the background of the device to log in. to its contents and track the movements and communications of its owner.

The newspaper quoted an informed source who said the incident caused chaos after intelligence services learned that it is easy for those working for Putin’s Russia to steal the contents of the foreign minister’s phone, especially after that the fears of the security services have increased over the threat of hackers working for hostile countries, such as Russia and China. Cell phones are “weak points” in modern nations.

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