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PvP gear Shadowlands in World of Warcraft

WoW is a legendary game that millions know. Each of the gamers wants to be the first and have the best equipment for battles, but getting it can be very difficult.

A character’s equipment in WoW is one of the main aspects of his character power, and it must match the rated battlegrounds. Purchasing full PvPgear with Conquest Points in Shadowlands is worth it because PvP gear Shadowlands has no alternatives. This will be the perfect gear for dominating PvPdue to its high item level, and it will also be a good choice in raids and mythic fights. However, in order to farm yourself, full PvP gear buy wow gear, you will need to go through a tedious and tedious process. To acquire it, you will need to achieve more than a hundred victories in the arena. And to upgrade equipment to the maximum level, you need to earn a huge amount of honor points. Also, Blizzard added an old feature: PvPupgrades doubled. This is reflected in the fact that the piece of equipment is upgraded in PvP to the level of Mythic raid equipment. Thus, if a player manages to collect improved equipment with a rating of 1800, it will be considered elite and capable of destroying mythical raiders.

How to Purchase Shadowlands PvP Gear

To get this cool gear, you’ll need to accumulate Part or Conquest points. Honor points must be earned on the battlefields. Conquest points are given for participating in arena battles. Also, depending on the player’s rating and his rank in PvP, the equipment can be further improved using honor points.

Yes, it will be a long, hard, and boring journey, but for the sake of such equipment, it is worth it.

I don’t want to sit at a computer for weeks, but I want gear

If you don’t want to spend nights on arenas and battlefields but dress your character in Gear Shadowlands want, you can contact our specialists to solve this problem. The professional gamers will help you collect all the necessary items. If you order this service at the very beginning of the season and the accumulated conquest limit is not high, WoW will need about 1.5 months because the weekly conquest limit will be 550 points. Also, the time will depend on the luck of the random drops from the Great Vault.

However, if you order equipment collection and upgrading at the end of the season, the experienced player will complete this order within five days.

What you get when you purchase a service from Epiccarry:

  • Full PvP for conquest points with all equipment slots for one specialization;
  • Selecting additional options to get a higher level of the item;
  • Upgrading more items to Challenger when purchasing a basic service.
  • Get extra honor points to upgrade your equipment.


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